RoboMind 7.0

Creates, edits and applies robotics engineering scenarios

Train or teach the basic of programming the functionality of robotic devices by creating and modifying projects in the special environment designed after MS Word. It supports moving, surface coating, object pickup and turning commands. Animated models are used for visualization.

Programming languages are very useful to do almost anything with your computer. However, they tend to be schematic, boring and complicated. That is why nowadays teachers are trying to encourage their students to learn this task with simpler applications, which teach them how the computers "understand" things. RoboMind is one of those applications. With this simple, but very intuitive program, you can learn basic concepts of programming. What you have to do is "to program" a robot that moves in different scenarios. There are several scenarios to choose from, for example, a labyrinth and a pile of scripts to experiment. With RoboMind you can write your own scripts directly or use a remote control that automatically shows you the instructions of the movements that will send the robot.

The RoboMind's interface is divided in four panels.
1. The script panel. This is where you can write down your task in the form of a script that the robot will perform.
2. The World Panel. Here you can see the current state of the robot in its environment. When instructions are given, you can see how the robot will follow your orders.
3. Run Panel. When you have written a script for the robot, on this panel you will be able to let the robot get started (or stopped). It's also possible to tune the speed in which the robot operates.
4. Message Panel. If there's something wrong with your script, here is where you'll receive compile errors.

If you want to learn "programming" in an easy and funny way, RoboMind is an excellent and free option for you.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Children can learn basic concepts of programming, literally playing


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